Artist Management and Consultancy

This service includes bookings, fee negotiation, media appearances, social media management and all services and organisational requirements relating to effective artist management. Through this we aim to help artists reach the full potential of their talent while not being bogged down with the business end of things. Different packages can be offered depending on the needs specific of each individual, subject to compatibility between Roots Up and the artist.

Consultancy rates for the above services are available should the artist simply require direction and assistance while maintaining their own independent management.


Artist Booking

Negotiating one's own rate can be difficult. Roots Up offers a booking agent service whereby we will act as a third party in regards to fee negotiation on your behalf. This works on a commission basis and any artist is free to sign up for this service. 


Event Curation, Management and Bookings

The members of the Roots Up team have been working within the Durban artistic/music scene for more than a decade. By not restricting these interactions to a singular style or genre, Roots Up has built a large database of musicians from backgrounds as diverse as rock to hip hop to jazz to electronica. We are also constantly on the look out for fresh new acts across Durban, with events like Fuego Heat's Hangouts designed to help uncover hidden musical gems in the city. No matter what your venue requirements, Roots Up has the artists for you. With access to a team of photographers, designers, sound technicians and social media experts, Roots Up is here to assist you with any stage of your event/function, whether it be from concept development to simply booking performers. 

Consulting services are also available.