Roots Up 19.1


Happy 2019 and welcome to our first mailer of the year!

Firstly, thanks to everyone that played a part in Roots Up last year. Whether it was helping carry things, pack things, share things or attend things, we really appreciate you and all that we managed to achieve through your help.

This year is looking to be a banging one! We'll finally be sending out some more info on the artist management and booking side. We've been working really hard on this and are ready to make some waves with some solid acts from the 031. We'll still be carrying on with our shows too so be sure to keep your ear to the ground.

Anyway, back to the mailer. Being the first one of the year, it's jam packed. We have info on today's First Thursday, some Sunday School IV announcements, an episode of Cutting the Wax and loads of images from December last year. Carry on scrolling for all the deets.

Have a fantastic day!

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